How to use the app


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a. On -home page- drag down top ribbon

b. Click PROFILE ( )

c. Click PERSONAL tab

d. Scroll down, click EDIT ( )

You can change your personal information:

- First name

- Last name

- Email (verification needed)

- Password (old password needed)

- Country of residence

- Phone number (verification needed)

- User name

- Car number

- Quick pin


Step 1

Information changed to protect privacy


e. Add your social media accounts (optional)

f. If you are interested in becoming a Subject Matter Expert (SME), click YES ( ) and complete the form with the following information:

- Bio

- Profession

- Price for 30 min (USD$)

- Bank account number

- Account holder name

- Swift code

- IBAN number

- 3 month bank statements (pdf)

g. Admin will review your application and approve in due course. Once approved, the SME will also be upgraded to yearly subscription.


Step 2

Information changed to protect privacy


Step 3


h. Scroll up, click ADD ( )

i. Select CAMERA ( ) or LIBRARY ( )

j. Add a profile image

k. Scroll down, click SAVE ( )

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Virtual Business Card

🇬🇧 UK @ 2023

Company House # 15318224

Princess House

Princess Way

Swansea SA1 3LW

🇦🇪 UAE @ 2019

Trade License # CN-2844599


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