How to use the app

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a. On -home page- drag down top ribbon

b. Click MENU ( )

c. Click CHAT ( )

d. To search for a BFF, either:

- Click BFF User ( ) & search for a user name

- Click Contact ( ) & search for their first name

e. Once you find your BFF

f. Click on their profile to start chatting

- Write messages and click SEND

- Send images and videos * by clicking ADD ( )

- Send voice messages by clicking MIC ( )

-> Hold ( ) down and talk

-> Click ( ) to bring back the keyboard

* Images and videos max size is 16MB

Chat Messages

g. Click BLOCK to stop receiving massages from a certain BFF. This action will remove chat options from both users. You can UNBLOCK a BFF too.

h. To delete a chat, press on BFF profile

-> Pop up message “Are you sure you

want to delete the conversation?

-> Click Cancel to discard changes

-> Click Delete to confirm deletion *

* Deleting chats will delete them forever and this action is unrecoverable.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

a. On -home page- drag down top ribbon

b. Click MENU ( )

c. Click CHAT ( )

d. Click GIFT Message ( )

e. Click CREATE ( )

f. Search for BFF using:

- First or Last name

- Car number

- Phone number (without country code)

g. Add your insightful message

- be polite, kind and choose your words carefully -

h. Select, click and send the type of message:



i. Click OUT BOX ( ) to view sent gift messages

j. Click IN BOX ( ) to read received gift messages

- Click REPORT to report received gift messages

Please note:

  • All gift messages disappear after 24 hours
  • All sent and received gift messages are anonymous
  • All messages reported to admin will be reviewed and actioned accordingly. Actions include -not limited to- suspension of accounts.

Gift Messages


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